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Features of GStat and GStat Pro

GStat is for the serious, or not so serious, golfer that wishes to keep track of all the statistical aspects of his/her game. The program has the ability to analyze and present your golf data informatively and intuitively. It also has a League Manager feature.

GStat is used to keep track of all your golf statistics and calculate certain aspects of your game including your Tracking Handicap Index. You have a choice of four computation methods to generate your Tracking Handicap Index; Standard RCGA, Standard UK/CONCU, EGA, Australian System, New Zealand, South African System, and the Average Difference from Par method.

The Score Record data is entered hole-by-hole (see the screen shot of the Score Detail Window) along with the number of putts and whether or not you hit the fairway. The greens you hit are computed automatically by looking at your score and the number of putts for each hole. Other statistics such as Drive Distance and "Major Mistakes" are also entered hole-by-hole.

GStat Pro has a new Shot Charting Window that allows you to track every shot on the golf course for that extra added analysis power. This is where you get the most out of the program when you track each individual shot you take on the course. You can enter in all the information on each shot in an easy to use data entry screen (see a screen shot of the Shot Charting Tab). For better understanding of the Shot Charting tab you can view the notes on how to record your score using this detail type of data input. Click Here to see the help page.

Feature List:

  • Unlimited amount of Player records
  • Unlimited amount of Course records
  • Unlimited amount of Score records
  • Complete Statistical Analysis of all aspects of your game
  • Head-to-Head Player Comparison
  • Course Statistics
  • Player Statistics
  • Driving Distance Statistics
  • Major Mistake Statistics
  • Complete Shot-by-Shot Charting Analsys
  • Club Accuracy
  • Club Distance Reports
  • Complete Reporting Capability
  • Tracking Handicap Index Computation
    • RCGA (Royal Canadian Golf Association) Handicap Index Formulas
    • Alternate Difference From Par Method
    • UK / CONGU Method for the European Players
    • EGA Handicap Method for the European Golf Association
    • New Zealand Handicap Method
    • Australian Method
  • Skins Computations
  • Stableford Points Computations
  • League Manager Feature
  • NEW ONLINE League Score Posting and Importing Feature! This new feature allows players from the league to post their scores ONLINE and the new form will email the league manger so he can save the emails as text files and import them directly into the program. (NOTE: the league manager must have his own email address)
  • Score Card Printing with handicap dots
  • Tee Time List Generation
  • Foursome/Twosome Generator
  • Leader Board Reports
  • Skins Reports

The program does not stop with just the statistical analysis, it goes one step further and adds the useful League Manager windows.

The League Manager lets you set up a league and keep track of the weekly status automatically. You can print out schedules and tee time lists as well as score cards for the weekly play. If you need a specialized league format, I'll create one for free when you register the program.

I am sure that there are many more types of league formats that I have left out of the program. If you have a special format in mind, let me know and I'll add it to the program for FREE. I want to include as many options as possible.

Designed by Scot A. Maga MagaDraw The Computer Experts

For Registering: Technical Support for this product is FREE for the life of the product. You also get FREE upgrades when they become available.

Download Free Trial Version of GStat Pro 4
Download a Free Fully Functional version of GStats Pro 4 for evaluation for 90 days.

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