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"I had to write! As a former math major, I've searched a long time to find an adequate program that can track my golf stats. I found it 2 years ago at MagaDraw! Every release has been a solid improvement and it just simply keeps getting better! I had gotten a full season of stats and going into the second season, I paid very close attention to the reports from the first. End result -- My handicap dropped from a 9.1 to a 3.4! Not too shabby! I'm now into my third year of keeping stats and also moved to a new state. It only took 5 rounds of tracking before GStat was able to guide me in how to play the course. I broke par for the first time last weekend! JP"
by Joe Pauldine from Norwalk, USA

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GStat Pro's feature-rich statistical analysis can help you lower your score by finding your weaknesses.
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