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The registration fee must be paid US Dollars using a check or money order or For your convenience, you can order with MasterCard, VISA, AMEX, or Discover by following the links on this page to DigiBuy's on-line order form.

To Order On-Line Using PayPay,
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GStat Pro 4.12.10 is $25 USD

Using PayPal, Click the Link below.
Using PayPal Account

When PayPal notifies us that your order has been processed, we will E-Mail a Registration Code to you.

Please allow up to two working days for receipt of your Registration Code.

If you have any questions about your order, please send them to

If ordering by check or money order, Checks should be made payable to
"Scot A. Maga"
and mailed with the registration form from WITHIN the product to: (to download the products, please go to the Pruducts page)

Scot A. Maga
1500 Goodman Ave.
Redondo Beach, CA 90278-2717

Thank you for your order.

Price List
  • All GStat Products $19.95 (by Check or Money Order)
  • All GStat Products $25.00 (using your Credit Card, See above links.)
  • Fantasy Golf League Manager $100.00/Year
User Testimonials
"I am impressed with the way in which you have answered my questions on the two occasions I have enquired. I have had answers within 24 hrs in both cases. My impression of GStat Pro 4 is that it is a very flexible method of recording my game. I have more trouble remembering to take a shot charting card with me to the game than anything else. Even without the shot charting card I have always been able to recall all my shots and which club they were played with, whereabouts on the course they were played from, and where they were in relation to the 150 metre markers. The difficulty I had always had was to recall putts and distances. This is where the shot charting is very useful. I find within a few times of entering shot charting info, that you can recall most of the shot carting codes without too much effort. The game analysis is very good, I use that to look at areas to improve my game. Shot charting does take some time, in fact quite a bit of time to record in GStat, but I can’t think of a quicker way."
by anthony Stancombe from Victoria, Australia

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GStat Pro's feature-rich statistical analysis can help you lower your score by finding your weaknesses.
GStat Pro 4 Golf Statistics Software

GStat Pro Version 4.12.10 is Now Available
New Version available now. Check out the What's new page to find out more.

GStat Pro Feature List
GStat Pro 4 is a comprehensive golf statistics packages for Windows which allows you to track every aspect of your game. The statistical analysis gives you the ability to focus on your weak points to lower your scores!

Having Trouble with the Program?

GStat Pro 4 Help Page
Get help online for GStat Pro 4.

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